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About Me

Hello and welcome to the website. Refocus-Reframe is an active, creative and exciting new workshop combining photography, the practice of mindfulness, and the therapeutic benefits of letting your mind, body and soul connect with nature and the elements as an holistic approach to healing and general well-being. Set in different locations in the beautiful Peak District, Refocus-Reframe is open to everyone, regardless of your age or photographic ability or experience, who is looking for a space for quiet contemplation, a personal still-point in a world which can be chaotic and confusing. Whether you are a keen amateur photographer who is looking to improve your techniques, or someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Refocus-Reframe provides the opportunity to slow down and celebrate life and the world around you, for a brief moment in time.


No matter who we are or what we do, we all seem to live lives that are complicated and dynamic, full of unexpected anxieties, tensions and worries that are unhelpful and unhealthy. I believe that by allowing ourselves the time to re-connect our souls to nature, we can all benefit, by reducing anxiety, stress and tension, and briefly escape from the everyday challenges of modern life, and whatever it may bring. In addition, from childhood experiences to adulthood, we all obtain a personal filter through which we view the world and our place within in it; through the process of internalised messages from parents, relatives and authority figures, our personal filters can become either adaptive or false, and not reflective of our true selves. Refocus-Reframe aims to help and support everyone to freely choose your own lens and filter to see the world in the way you wish to see it. 


“The use of the outdoors, adventure and wilderness for promoting personal and psychological developments dates back to the earliest times of the formation of human family groups”  Kaye Richards and Jenny Peel, “The Outdoor Cure”, Therapy Today. 

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